The Innkeepers

Kelly and Joe Bellavance, owners and innkeeper of Stoneledge Inn, Brooklyn, CT
Meet The Innkeepers

Joe & Kelly Bellavance

Prior to purchasing the Inn we spent a combined 50+ years as college admissions professionals. Over those years we assisted thousands of families transition their children from high school to college while working at several New England colleges. As a couple we love to travel and have visited 33 of the 50 states and several Canadian provinces. We truly enjoy meeting new people and exploring new cultures. 

Like so many during the pandemic, we took stock of our lives and wanted to further prioritize family, health, and getting outdoors. A move to Connecticut helped us achieve these goals.

In early 2021 we fell in love with this historical property in Brooklyn, CT. The property’s beautiful features were the first things to catch our eye. But the property’s 6.4 acres were perfect for us to reconnect with our rural upbringing. The home was situated just minutes from family members providing us the opportunity to fulfill one of our goals. 

While exploring the possible purchase of our new home, numerous local community members expressed their love for it. We knew it was a home the community watched over with affection. Based on these conversations and our love for it, we knew this property needed to be shared with others. 

So after years traveling the country meeting thousands of new people, it was time to start inviting people to our home. With that we renovated the carriage house into our new owner-occupied bedroom suite, freeing up space for visitors in the main house. Then we proceeded to renovate the kitchen/dining room area, built new bathrooms for each of the three guest bedrooms and started creating walking paths across the property for exploring. We will continue to travel in the off season (we still have 19 more states to visit!) but we hope you’ll join us for a relaxing time at the inn and enjoy this wonderful property we call home. 

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